понеделник, 9 ноември 2009 г.

My happy hour ♥

How can I know what you need
if you never ask?

How can I drive you crazy
when I've got no gas?
How could we be together
when we're so far apart?

You tell me that you love me then you go and break my heart
I'll admit that I've got problems if
you say that you will help me solve 'em yes 
I realize some days I can be sweet and some I'm sour
but I can't help but drink you up, cause you're my happy hour

Why should I be your woman
when you've got 2 more?
Why should I say that I do
when I know you don't ?
Why should I stay here with you
when you are always gone?
And why should i be open when you stay so bottled up?

You were are all I ever needed
You were all I ever had
You were all I ever wanted
but you were making me bad!

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NonE каза...

Hey little babe, you're changin
Babe are you feelin sore?
Ain't no use in dancin
Don't wanna play no more...